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Weston Packing Service

Weston Artwork and Household Packing

Weston packing service can make your life much easier. Our well-trained packing crews can carefully pack your difficult-to-move items. " Weston Movers " offer special packing services for items including: chandeliers, grandfather clocks, pool tables, safes, fine art, sculptures,antiques, collectibles, and marble. " Weston Movers " sell the best moving supplies including cardboard boxes, cardboard wardrobes boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap. Our Weston local moving includes single family homes, apartments, condos and college students living in University housing. Our Weston moving and storage rates are fair and reasonable. " Weston Movers " offer in home moving quotes in Weston Fl which includes flat rates for the total move. " Weston Movers " offer air conditioned storage in Weston Fl with 24 hour access without the hassle of public self-storage. Your items remain wrapped and ready to move to your new location when you are ready. " Weston Movers " wrap and protect your furniture before it leaves your home and secure it in the truck to ensure your belongings arrive safe and secure.

" Weston Movers " wrap and protect your furniture before it leaves your home and secure it in the truck to ensure your belongings arrive safe and secure. All types of packing materials, including wardrobe boxes for your hanging garments.

" Weston Movers " service the entire area of South Florida: Weston, Miami, Davie, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Hallandale, Aventura, Sunny Isles and more. Weston packing services team is composed of trained professionals, who understand the importance of protecting every last item, no matter how minor it may seem. Weston Movers have the ability to carefully disassemble large items and provide custom-sized packing boxes to accommodate your items. Please keep in mind when you are making the decision to do your own packing, anything the customer packs is not covered by insurance. Whereas, when the professional packs for you, the chances for damage to your precious possessions are dramatically reduced and those items are insured. Please, keep in mind that All fragile, small and loose articles must be packed for moving. Mirrors, pictures, paintings along with marble, glass, and slate should be properly prepared and packed for moving.

When the mover completes your packing, put aside cooking utensils, food, toiletries, or anything else you will need up to the last minute. " Weston Movers " will leave a carton to pack these. Weston Packing Service We provide expert Packing and Crating Services in Weston. We Crate marble, fine art and antiques. We also provide wooden crates in Weston for electronics, trade show crates, furniture crating, commercial shipping crates, moving crates, Piano crates and motorcycle crates. We provide international & domestic crating & shipping services for large, fragile & valuable items. Capabilities include air freight, pickup, trucking, delivery, storing, receiving, packaging, moving & palletizing. We design, build and pack your shipment. Our Weston Packing Services Include:

Our Weston packing service offers trained packers experienced in packing, wrapping, crating, shipping, transport and storage of artwork, fine china, glassware, artifacts, antiques, ceramics and museum collections. Our full professional Weston packing service includes clear labeling of all boxes, wrapping of fragile items (pictures, plasma TV's, computer sets, antiques & other valuables) packaging of books and glass.


In the event you choose to do your own packing, " Weston Movers " have a complete inventory of cartons and packing materials to suit your needs. Arrangements to purchase your supplies can be made by calling to place an order or by fax. " Weston Movers " will be glad to schedule delivery to your home.

Call Now: (954) 933-5179